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Monarch Miracle


A couple years ago my daughter asked for some milkweed and a caterpillar. It was a simple request with amazing results. A wonder filled spring.



And now it’s springtime again and there’s a special kindergarten class I know studying caterpillars and butterflies. So I collected those images and videos I captured from my little girl’s wonder filled spring and made this little video to share.

I was tempted to speed up the video, but part of what makes looking at this little creature so amazing is seeing the very hungry caterpillar munch through his nice green leaf in real caterpillar speed! Nothing sped up there. They can munch apart a whole milkeed plant down to stems in no time! The other part that is truly remarkable is seeing the caterpillar spin the chrysalis. The transformation right before your eyes is extraordinary.


These butterflies make me wonder about Walt Whitman’s poem Miracles –these little things that happen all around us everyday that are quite amazing when you get up close and really look.

“Why, who makes much of a miracle?

As to me, I know of nothing else but miracles…

To me every hour of the light and dark is a miracle…”

-Walt Whitman

IMG_5822Monarch Miracles

For Spring

For my Nature Girl

For Wonder

For Sharing

For Inspiration

For the love of Very Hungry Caterpillars

and beautiful butterflies

For Ordinary

For Transformation

For New Beginnings





Butterfly World

There is something magical about butterflies and their transformation. It’s their story -a little egg on a leaf, changing to caterpillar, then to chrysalis, and finally into beautiful butterfly with outstretched wings. It inspires. It wows little kids and brings hope to those of us a bit older. I imagine it that way for myself at least, hope. I know I’ve been changed and transformed, yet maybe I’m still a caterpillar waiting for God’s perfect time, for that transformation into something beautiful!

When my Sunshine was just a toddler we bought an annual pass to Butterfly World in Coconut Creek, Florida. And we bought passes again when my little Butterfly Girl was tiny too. We spent many days exploring and having fun with the butterflies and birds.

Each step and every turn provides little vignettes of the wonder of God’s creation. This place is part of the reason why (with special permission and great thanks!) I included butterflies in my book I See the Creatures God Made. 

The beauty here inspires the youngest to the oldest and photographers and artists alike. In 2007 I had the privilege to see artist Mark C. Merrill paint and give a talk on God’s divine design while at Butterfly World. Mark and his wife Robin Haines Merrill are both artists and missionaries. If you’re ever in Fort Lauderdale make sure to stop by their store and gallery Mission Gifts. It’s the only Fair Trade store in all of South Florida.

This May Butterfly World gave free entry for moms in honor of Mother’s Day, a 25 year tradition. And what a sweet tradition it is! I took that sweet gift I went back again, just me and my camera and tried to capture a little bit more of the wonder. My favorite butterfly this time was definitely the Cairns Birdwing Butterfly from Australia. Those butterflies seemed the most playful. It was fun trying to capture one in flight.


Chasing butterflies

If I had a garden…

Passion Flowers

Early Spanish and Portuguese missionaries believed each part of the Passiflora represent a different aspect of the passion of Jesus Christ, hence the name “Passion Vine”.  -from Butterfly World